Janelle Cumro-Sultzer

State-Approved Mediator
Independent Practitioner 

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Janelle provides facilitative mediation, conflict coaching, and conciliation services for adults.


Janelle Cumro-Sultzer is a State-Approved Mediator focusing on divorce /child custody mediations, as well as senior living disputes.

Janelle holds her Bachelor of Science in Family Studies and Human Services with a minor in Women’s Studies and an Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Kansas State University. Her Master of Science and Graduate Certificate are both in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

Janelle has extensive experience working in senior living, most recently as the Executive Director & Healthcare Administrator in a senior living community. In addition to mediation, Janelle is also a published writer focusing on parenting and family. 

Janelle is originally from Junction City, and has lived in New York, Denver, and Kansas City. She has since returned home to the Little Apple with her husband and three children.

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