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Children's Therapist

Position Type: Independent Contractor 
Position Location: Manhattan & Junction City, Kansas

The Children's Therapist is responsible for providing diagnostic assessments, therapy, and counseling and support services for children experiencing mental health and relationship issues. 

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Therapist Duties and Responsibilities:
• Conduct regular appointments with clients who wish to converse with a mental health professional
• Establish positive and trusting relationships with clients
• Implement various treatments and protocols to provide guidance and appropriately address client situations
• Continually assess client situations and provide the proper ongoing treatments
• Educate and involve family members or other loved ones in the treatment process when necessary
• Record and maintain adequate notes about client visits
• When required, refer clients to outside sources or agencies that can better address their specific needs
• Maintain the strictest confidentiality of each and every client situation
• Maintain all required licenses and the appropriate professional insurance

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