Delaney Barrows, Clinical Intern

Couple and Family Therapy Intern
Future Independent Practitioner

Delaney sees clients in person at our Andrews Manhattan location.

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Delaney accepts self-pay clients at a reduced rate. Contact us for details.

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 Delaney provides services for pre-martial and couples.


Delaney is currently in the master’s program at Kansas State University studying Couples and Family Therapy. Delaney has experience working with adult individuals and couples.

Delaney is a dedicated therapist who uses Bowen Family Systems Therapy and Imago Relationship Therapy, integrating these approaches with faith-based perspectives to support her clients. Delaney is committed to fostering growth in couples, supporting them in navigating complex challenges with empathy and guidance. She believes couples possess an inherent capacity for healing and growth. By employing a collaborative therapeutic approach that integrates Bowen and Imago therapies with faith-based perspectives, couples can cultivate deeper understanding, connection and resilience in their relationships.

In her free time, she enjoys going for walks, exploring antique shops, and spending time with her

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Under live supervision by Dr. Stephanie Wick, LCMFT.

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Pre-Martial Couples Therapy
Collaborative Therapeutic Approach
Faith-based Perspectives

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