Callie Hansen, MS

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern

Callie sees clients at our Manhattan location and via telehealth.

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Callie accepts self-pay clients at a reduced rate. Contact us for details.

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Callie provides services for individuals (children 2+, adolescents, and adults), pre-marital, couples, and families.   


Callie Hansen is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern under the supervision of Dr. Wick. Callie earned her MS in clinical psychology, and she is currently pursuing hours for the clinical mental health Ph.D. program at Liberty University.

Callie uses an eclectic blend of techniques to build effective client relationships. Her primary method of treatment is solution-focused brief therapy. The plan is to identify the issue, set a goal, and pursue that goal by adjusting problematic behavior.

Callie Hansen is also the creator and facilitator of the Military Spouse Support Group at Andrews & Associates. She believes working with the military and veteran community is an honor. Being a military wife for 19 years, she understands the joys and hardships this lifestyle brings.

Outside of her involvement with Andrews & Associates, Callie has had ten years of experience as a psychology instructor. In addition, she is certified in online education through MIT. She has been recognized for her virtual lecturing from Cornell, LinkedIn, and Prezi. She has also been awarded faculty member of the year on two occasions.

Callie is also a Kansas Supreme Court mediator. She works closely with families during difficult times and assists with parenting time. In this confidential process, Callie assures both parties are heard and that developmentally appropriate needs will be met for the child/children.

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Under live supervision by Dr. Stephanie Wick, LCMFT.

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