Paul Busk, MS, LCMFT

Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

Paul Busk, MS, LCMFT
Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist

Paul Busk believes that keeping passion and connection in relationships while also thriving as individuals is a goal that many people have. Balancing these two aspects of life can be difficult, especially when life stressors, mental or emotional disorders, or trauma present themselves. Paul’s goal is to help clients achieve their goals of connection and personal growth, while challenging them to act on the best parts of themselves. He is passionate about working with couples struggling with intimacy and desire issues, and is comfortable working with these issues in the context of religious or conservative values. Paul’s approach in working with couples centers on differentiation based therapies and encourages both individual and couple growth.
Paul has experience working with families, individuals and adolescents struggling with establishing personal values, as well as issues related to depression, anxiety, personality disorders and sexuality, using emotionally focused family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). His approach in working with families aims to create an environment conducive to understanding and being understood in order to facilitate reparative experiences. Paul believes that therapy offers space for healing, connection and personal refinement.
Paul received his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kansas State University and is originally from Utah. He now lives in Manhattan with his wife and their dogs.
Paul’s areas of interest include the following:

Male adolescent issues
Personality Disorders
Pornography use
Relationship issues, specifically intimacy
Sexual disorders

Paul accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield and self-pay.

Paul sees clients at our Andrews West location.

Paul can be reached at 785-539-5455 ext 207 or via email.